AFP-FL Releases the 2014 Economic Freedom Scorecard

Jul 16, 2014 by AFP

Scorecard grades legislators’ votes on priority issues of the 2014 legislative session

TALLAHASSEE—Today, Americans for Prosperity’s Florida chapter (AFP-FL) released their 2014 Economic Freedom Scorecard.  The scorecard examines more then 2,500 individual votes from the 2014 legislative session, both from committee meetings and on the floor, on twenty-seven different economic freedom issues.

“The Economic Freedom Scorecard is especially important because it allows citizens to know exactly how their elected officials voted on key issues and to hold them accountable for those votes,” commented AFP-FL State Director Chris Hudson. “Twenty-two members of the House and Senate received an A+ or A score, but sixty-seven received an F. These votes are very telling and clearly denote which elected officials are voting to protect freedom and prosperity in Tallahassee and which ones are voting to protect special interests and lobbyists.” 

The priority issues graded in the 2014 Economic Freedom Scorecard stem from AFP-FL’s Five for Florida plan, which was released in 2012. Five for Florida promotes policies based on economic freedom including lower taxes, government transparency & accountability, decreased regulatory burdens, school choice, and eliminating political favoritism. We are currently asking all Florida legislative candidates to endorse the plan as a promise to their constituents that, if elected, they will support economic freedom issues.

Hudson continued, “We have a number of elected officials throughout the state that go to Tallahassee and fight to protect the freedoms and pocket books of their constituents back home. However, we have far too many that seem focused on helping out their political allies with protectionist regulations and special interest handouts. Hopefully this scorecard will encourage citizens to ask their elected officials to explain why they vote the way they do.”

Read the full 2014 Economic Freedom Scorecard here.