AFP-FL Reacts to Murphy’s Defeat

Nov 8, 2016 by AFP

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL), the leading grassroots organization that has urged for the defeat of Patrick Murphy, released the following statement in response to Murphy’s unsuccessful bid for U.S. Senate.

AFP-FL state director, Chris Hudson, states: 

“For months AFP-FL staff and volunteers have been having conversations with Floridians across the state. We reached out to over four million Floridians in efforts to expose Patrick Murphy’s embellished record, lack of accomplishments, and support for costly health care, energy, and tax policies.

“Murphy’s defeat demonstrates the efficacy of AFP-FL’s grassroots army as we prioritize authentic, personal conversations with voters. We look forward to carrying this momentum into the 2017 legislative session as we continue on our mission to fight for limited government public policies that enable more people to work hard, provide for their family, and achieve the American dream.”

In addition to AFP-FL’s efforts on the ground, AFP-FL launched and put millions behind TV, digital, and mail ads.

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AFP’s Florida wing makes millionth door-knock of 2016, Politico

 “Americans for Prosperity’s Florida chapter knocked on its millionth door of 2016 earlier today, likely becoming the first outside group ever to knock on a million doors in a single state in a single year.

The group, which is now advocating to defeat Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy in the state’s Senate race, is one of AFP’s largest state chapters and is expected to play a key role in getting out voters for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, with the Republican National Committee’s ground game not living up to some operatives’ expectations.”

21st Century Voter Outreach Combines Shoe Leather And Technology, WUSF

“In an election season that’s this close, who wins or loses could boil down to who’s getting people to the polls. One national conservative group is on the ground targeting Florida voters…Americans for Prosperity says it isn’t campaigning for anyone. But today, they’re knocking on doors to get people to vote against Congressman Patrick Murphy, the Democrat vying to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio. The group is financed in part by the Koch brothers, who have spent the last several years working to build a force on the ground to support conservative causes….This is what voter outreach has become at the start of the 21st Century. It’s not about candidates – it’s a combination of technology and old-fashioned shoe leather, focused on winning.”

AFP Launches Strong Campaign Against Murphy, The Daily Caller

“One powerful conservative organization is determined to keep Democrat Patrick Murphy out of the Senate in Florida, according to a press release published Monday. ‘Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) is propelling efforts to defeat Patrick Murphy for U.S. Senate with relentless door-to-door canvassing and phone banking. Tomorrow mid-day we will be announcing a new website,, exposing how Murphy’s failed agenda forces Floridians to ‘pay more,’ the official press release said.”