AFP-FL Disappointed in Passage of Handouts for Professional Sports

May 2, 2014 by AFP

HB 7095 wastes millions of taxpayer dollars on stadiums–

Tallahassee, Florida— Americans for Prosperity’s (AFP) Florida Director of Policy, Abbie MacIver, released the below statement following today’s passage H.B. 7095, which provides millions of dollars for professional sports teams to build and renovate stadiums:

I’m hugely disappointed in today’s passage of H.B. 7095. Today the Florida Legislature gave away millions of taxpayer’s dollars to sports franchise owners rather than returning it to Floridians that could really use the money. Rest assured that AFP will educate the constituents of these elected officials about this vote.

H.B. 7095 appropriates $6 million in perpetuity for projects that have either already been started or will be started this year, and increases the handouts available for spring training facilities.  Twenty-seven Representatives and four Senators stood for economic freedom and fiscal responsibility by voting against the bill. The vote will be included on AFP-FL’s 2014 Economic Freedom Scorecard.