AFP-FL Applauds Passage of Cuts to Vehicle Registration Fees

Mar 21, 2014 by AFP

–Cuts will save Florida’s families almost $400 million a year–

Tallahassee, Florida— Americans for Prosperity’s Florida Director of Policy, Abbie MacIver, released the below statement following today’s passage of a serious reduction on vehicle registration fees (SB 156):

“On behalf of AFP-FL’s 150,000 grassroots activists, I applaud the Governor and legislature for making tax cuts a priority this year. Rolling back the vehicle registration fee increases passed in 2009 will save Florida drivers nearly $400 million a year, money that is best spent by Floridians to grow the private economy rather than the government. 

The legislature is on the right track by focusing on cutting taxes for Florida’s families. With an estimated $1.3 billion surplus this year, we hope to see more tax cuts this year rather than increased subsidies for special interests and out-of-state businesses.”

SB 156, sponsored by Senate Appropriations Chairman Joe Negron (R-Stuart), will now head to Governor Scott for his signature. SB 156 rolls back fees charged for vehicle registrations that were increased in 2009, and is a 2014 priority of Governor Rick Scott.