AFP-FL Announces Five for Florida Endorsers

Aug 8, 2014 by AFP

Supporters show true commitment to limited, accountable and transparent government

TALLAHASSEE – Americans for Prosperity’s Florida State Director Chris Hudson announced today that the following candidates and elected officials have endorsed Five for Florida:

 Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater

Congressman John Mica, Congressional District 7

Alan Schlesinger, Candidate for Congressional District 18

Derek Hankerson, Candidate for Senate District 6

Greg Feldman, Candidate for Senate District 6

Walter Osborne, Candidate for Senate District 10

Senator David Simmons, Candidate for Senate District 10

Senator Alan Hays, Senate District 11

Edward DeAguilera, Candidate for Senate District 12

Monique Miller, Candidate for Senate District 16

Lloyd French, Candidate for Senate District 16

Tony Caso, Candidate for Senate District 20

Zahid Roy, Candidate for Senate District 20

Senator Joe Negron, Candidate for Senate District 32

Brandon Cannon, Candidate for Senate District 32

Gloria Robertson-Wiggins, Candidate for House District 1

Representative Mike Hill, Candidate for House District 2

Jamie Tabisz-Smith, Candidate for House District 3

Karen Schoen, Candidate for House District 5

Thelma Rohan, Candidate for House District 6

Tho Bishop, Candidate for House District 6

James Sinclair, Candidate for House District 8

Representative Janet Adkins, House District 11

Jay Fant, Candidate for House District 15

Paul Renner, Candidate for House District 15

Charles McBurney, Jr., Candidate for House District 16

Representative Warren Keith Perry, Candidate for House District 21

Representative Travis Hutson, Candidate for House District 24

Former Representative Fred Costello, Candidate for House District 25

Franklin Perez, Candidate for House District 28

Kathryn Townsend, Candidate for House District 28

Bob Cortes, Candidate for House District 30

Scott Sturgill, Candidate for House District 30

Jennifer Sullivan, Candidate for House District 31

Representative Marlene O’Toole, Candidate for House District 33

Representative Jimmie Smith, Candidate for House District 34

James Scavetta, Candidate for House District 35

Representative Neil Combee, Candidate for House District 39

Representative John Wood, Candidate for House District 41

Carlos Irizarry, Candidate for House District 43

Stephen Facella, Candidate for House District 44

Representative Bruce Antone, Candidate for House District 46

Mo Pearson, Candidate for House District 47

Tim Street, Candidate for House District 53

Representative John Tobia, Candidate for House District 53

Representative Debbie Mayfield, Candidate for House District 54

Representative Cary Pigman, Candidate for House District 55

Representative Jake Raburn, Candidate for House District 57

Representative Dan Raulerson, Candidate for House District 58

Representative Ross Spano, Candidate for House District 59

Representative Larry Ahern, Candidate for House District 66

Representative Ray Pilon, Candidate for House District 72

Representative Greg Steube, Candidate for House District 73

Robert Kaplan, Candidate for House District 74

Representative Ray Rodrigues, Candidate for House District 76

Terry Cramer, Candidate for House District 77

Representative Dane Eagle, Candidate for House District 77

Representative Matt Caldwell, Candidate for House District 79

Representative Mary Lynn Magar, Candidate for House District 82

Representative Gayle Harrell, Candidate for House District 83

Stuart Mears, Candidate for House District 86

John Paul Alvarez, Candidate for House District 100

Martin Feigenbaum, Candidate for House District 100

Omar Recuero, Candidate for House District 100

Representative Erik Fresen, Candidate for House District 114

Representative Jose Felix Diaz, Candidate for House District 116

Former Representative Dave Hood, House District 25

Commissioner Vanessa Baugh, Manatee County

Sandy Graves, Pasco County State Committeewoman

Christian Ziegler, Sarasota County State Committeeman

“More than 130 candidates and elected officials have endorsed Five for Florida, providing proof that they are dedicated to a better Florida and they will support the principles of limited government and economic freedom. By endorsing Five for Florida, candidates are sending a strong signal to Floridians that they are committed to eliminating political cronyism, expanding educational opportunities for our youth, making government more transparent and accountable to its citizens, and creating a more economically competitive Florida overall,” said Mr. Hudson.

He continued, “If the Five for Florida policy agenda is implemented in Tallahassee during the next legislative session, Florida will unquestionably become the most attractive state in the nation for families, businesses and entrepreneurs, and that’s is exactly where we want to be.”

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