AFP Expands Effort to Defeat Ralph Northam with New Seven-Figure Investment

Oct 20, 2017 by AFP

Grassroots group says direct mail and ads will educate Virginians on Northam’s poor tax, education record. 

Arlington, Va. – Americans for Prosperity is announcing a major new seven-figure wave of investments in paid and grassroots activity, urging Virginians to vote against Ralph Northam for governor.

The million-dollar effort includes direct mail highlighting Northam’s support for tax hikes that make life less affordable; and his role in allowing a fake Chinese company to receive $1.4 million taxpayer dollars.  View a mailer here.

The group is also launching a video testimonial ad featuring Dr. Brandon, a charter-school vice principal who tells the story of Northam’s opposition to education savings accounts and expanding school choice. Watch the ad here.

All of the new AFP materials urge Virginians to vote against Northam on November 7, and mark the closing phase in the grassroots group’s on-the-ground efforts.

The targeted activity will see staff and volunteers across the state encouraging voters to turn out and vote against the Lieutenant Governor based on his record. The group has already made hundreds of thousands of contacts with Virginians across the state.

Americans for Prosperity-Virginia State Director JC Hernandez released this statement:

“We’re confident that this renewed effort over the coming weeks will help us share Northam’s record to Virginians, and they won’t like what they hear. From backing tax hikes to the bad deals with taxpayer dollars, Northam’s fiscal policies would make life more expensive for households across the state.

 “When it comes to expanding education opportunities for students who need them most, Northam has been a decisive voice in blocking the path forward.

“Virginians simply can’t afford a governor with Northam’s record, and we think they’ll agree as they hear our message on the phone, at the front door, or online.


For further information or an interview, reach Chris Neefus at (703) 517-4504. 

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