AFP: Distinct Difference Between Conservative and Republican

Aug 18, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Urges State House to Vote No On HB 1224
“this bill shows that there is a distinct difference between being a conservative and being a Republican”

RALEIGH, NC – Americans for Prosperity, North Carolina’s leading advocate for economic freedom, is calling on members of the State House to reject new corporate welfare programs, and special interest tax carve outs, by voting against House Bill 1224.

“The fact that there is still life in this bill shows that there is a distinct difference between being a conservative and being a Republican,” said John Dudley, State Director for AFP’s North Carolina chapter. “Anyone who advocates and votes in favor of more crony capitalist programs is at serious odds with fiscal conservatism.”

House Bill 1224 contains several provisions that significantly decrease economic freedom for North Carolina taxpayers.  These provisions include:

  • A new “Jobs Catalyst” fund that will allow the Department of Commerce to pay individual companies up to $50 million in recruitment subsidies.
  • An extension of the North Carolina’s green energy tax credit designed to help certain solar projects. Lawmakers agreed last year to let this special interest loophole to expire.
  • Increased funding for the state’s Job Maintenance and Capital Development Fund Grant (JMAC) designed to subsidize a paper mill in western North Carolina conversion to a greener power source.

Dudley continued, “It is not the purpose of government to pick winners and losers in our economy. This bill does much more harm to the free market than it does good.”

Americans for Prosperity will be asking its more than 190,000 North Carolina activists to call and email their legislators to ask them to oppose House Bill 1224.

Americans for Prosperity opposes corporate welfare in any form, and maintains that government should not pick economic winners and losers.