AFP Disappointed in Prince William County Board for Stadium Votes

Apr 13, 2017 by AFP
Board voted against letting voters make final decision and to spend $200k to study project already estimated to cost tens of millions

Woodbridge, Va., – Americans for Prosperity expressed disappointment in the Prince William County Board of Supervisors for voting yesterday on two measures that will deny voters a final say and add a $200,000 study to the current $72 million tab for the Potomac Nationals Stadium project.  AFP has led the grassroots opposition to taxpayer funding for the stadium, with the group arguing that corporate welfare may be politicians’ favorite pastime, but is ultimately a taxpayer strikeout.

AFP volunteers are driving phone calls to the Prince William County Board and urging citizens to take action at

Reflecting on the vote, American’s for Prosperity Northern Virginia Director, Tyler Muench, expressed his disappointment.

“AFP condemns the Board’s decision to waste an additional $200,000 on the P-Nats stadium deal. This is a raw deal for taxpayers and reeks of cronyism. We applaud Supervisors Ruth Anderson, Pete Candland, and Jeanine Lawson for their commitment to taxpayers, and for not caving to the pressure of heavy lobbying from JBG Companies and the Potomac Nationals.

“We would also like to offer restricted praise to Supervisor Caddigan for voting to send this issue to the public. While we disagree with Caddigan’s decision to vote for the stadium project, we appreciate that she voted to give her constituents a chance to decide the issue for themselves. In time, we hope that Supervisor Caddigan will realize that this project is a bad deal for taxpayers.”


Public investment in a stadium is rarely a good move, InsideNova

On Tuesday, the Prince William County Board of Supervisors voted 5-3 to spend an additional $200,000 for “further financial analysis” of the P-Nats stadium project and “additional payments to legal counsel for advice on the $35 million in bonds the county would have to issue for the stadium.”

The board also voted 4-4 to reject a proposal to send the deal to the public through a referendum. 

The taxpayer funded stadium project is expected to cost roughly $72 million dollars.