AFP Derides Diegnan Bill to Lift Superintendent Pay Cap

Mar 26, 2014 by AFP
AFP Derides Diegnan Bill to Lift Superintendent Pay Cap

Superintendents shouldn’t be paid “more than the Governor of New Jersey”

MONMOUTH JUNCTION –Americans for Prosperity state director Daryn Iwicki is panning a proposal introduced by Assembly Patrick Diegnan, Bill A2930, aimed at lifting the cap on superintendent pay implemented by Gov. Christie in 2010.

“The cap on superintendent pay is both responsible and the right thing to do to keep costs low to New Jersey taxpayers.  I want to hear someone complain to me they cannot live on a $175,000 salary.  It is so sad to see folks complaining about collecting a $175,000 salary when so many in our state are underemployed or unemployed.  Not to mention, they are paid at the expense of New Jersey taxpayers who already pay way more than enough to fund our schools.

“What Assemblyman Diegnan would like to see is the gravy train return for educrats and that is really what is at the heart of A-2930.  I’m pretty sure I can find some folks who would be more than willing to be superintendent of a school district for a salary of $175,000.

“In the decade ending in 2009, enrollment in New Jersey’s elementary and secondary schools increased 8.3%.  However, education spending went up 37.5%.  Much of this increased spending is directly in relation to the growth of our non-teaching staff in New Jersey which over the last 20 years has grown 40% faster than student enrollment.

“If you are going to make the case New Jersey is expensive to live in due to cost of living then maybe we need to address our tax issue not shower public employees with more money. You shouldn’t be looking to pay superintendents more than the Governor of New Jersey.”

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