AFP: Dems Channel Pelosi on Tax-Hiking Budget

Jun 25, 2014 by AFP

AFP: Dems Channel Pelosi on Tax-Hiking Budget

Middle- and lower-income residents will bear brunt of Dem’s ‘trickle-down tax hikes’

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading grassroots, free-market group, is lambasting legislative Democrats for their Pelosi-esque handling of the budget.

“The way this budget has been thrown together is just shameful and insulting to taxpayers and members of the opposition party,” slammed AFP communications director Mike Proto.

“Where is the budget? Where’s the plan? Where are the details? The Democrats have been preparing their own budget for weeks already and they couldn’t give the public a chance to see it? Nothing has been posted, yet they’re jamming this through in the dark of night, at the eleventh hour and at breakneck speed.”

“All that’s missing is Nancy Pelosi—‘we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it’. It’s just a slap in the face to every New Jerseyan who will be hurt by this tax-hiking budget,”

“These tax hikes aren’t a tax on the ‘wealthy’. These are trickle-down tax hikes that will hurt small businesses and middle- and lower-income folks. The small business owner who runs a Dairy Queen or a local hardware store or a dry cleaner service will have to either raise their prices or cut jobs. These are the folks who are essential to our communities and who often work long hours and pay their staff before they pay themselves. They deserve tax relief not a tax hike.”

“This is the problem with the liberals in the Legislature. They just don’t get it. These kinds of tax hikes just get passed along and hurt everyone, especially those at the lower end. After 12 years of the same bad fiscal and tax policies that have driven New Jersey into an economic ditch, one would think they would have learned but they have not.”

“Sen. Smith and others pushing for $4 billion in open space won’t need to worry, because this budget will entrench New Jersey as the worst state for taxes in the country with the most hostile business climate and will hasten the exodus of residents to other states. What better open space plan could there be than taxing residents out the door?” jeered Proto.

“If reports are true, only Asm. Cryan and a few others in the Democratic caucus opposed this tax-hiking budget. We commend Asm. Cryan for pushing for a 4% across-the-board cut in the budget and look forward to seeing him and those other Democrats step up, buck their own party, and vote against this bad budget.”

“This budget will cripple New Jersey and if it passes Gov. Christie ought to make sure the ink well for his line item veto pen is full,” concluded Proto.

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