AFP Decries “Stealth Tactics” On Open Space CR

Jun 6, 2014 by AFP

AFP Decries “Stealth Tactics” on Open Space CR

All you need to know about what’s wrong with Trenton

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity is vilifying Trenton lawmakers for what it calls “stealth tactics” regarding a proposed constitutional amendment on open space. The bill, SCR-84, which would be subject to voter approval, aimed to dedicate 6% a year from the corporate tax for open space for the next thirty fiscal years—an amount estimated to be at least $4.6 billion. The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee posted an amended version of the measure yesterday just prior to the hearing.

“It’s reprehensible that lawmakers would post this bill at the last minute for consideration in the budget committee,” charged AFP communications director Mike Proto. “This is not some mundane bill with little consequence to the State and to taxpayers. We’re talking about a constitutional amendment that will tie the hands of future legislatures for years to come. Billions of dollars in revenue are at stake. The public deserved more notice on this bill so they could have a say.”

“This is par for the course in Trenton. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that those supporting this bill, including a parade of lobbyists and special interests, all seemed to know the bill would be heard and were on hand to testify at yesterday’s hearing,” assailed Proto. “These kinds of underhanded, stealth tactics are why taxpayers are fed up with Trenton. And the amendment to the bill was just a way of trying to sell it as ‘revenue neutral’ when it’s anything but.”

“Let’s face it. Some in Trenton just don’t want to hear that they are being irresponsible with the people’s money. They’ll protest that the Governor is not making payments to the pension system, but then are willing to create a decades-long slush fund for open space in order to satiate the voracious appetite of a radical environmentalist lobby. The last thing they seem interested in is getting serious about fixing our State’s fiscal and budgetary mess.”


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