AFP: Corporate Welfare Bills for Film Industry Belong on Cutting Room Floor

May 5, 2014 by AFP

AFP: Corporate Welfare Bills for Film Industry Belong on Cutting Room Floor

NJ Taxpayers Deserve Relief, Not Hollywood Elites

TRENTON–AFP state director Daryn Iwicki has issued the following statement on two bills aimed at giving tax breaks to the film industry. The bills, S1952 and S779, were heard today before the Senate Economic Growth Committee.

“Once again those running the show in the Legislature just don’t get it. We’re never going to grow our economy by giving handouts to Hollywood moguls or any other politically connected industry.

“Study after study shows giving tax breaks to the film industry does not create jobs or economic growth. All this does is distort the market and ends up hurting taxpayers who are forced to pay more while others pay less.

“It’s rather ironic to see some of the most liberal legislators in the Legislature thinking that giving tax breaks to the ‘1 Percent’ will trickle down to very one else.

“It just doesn’t work. What is needed is a lowering of taxes across the board in New Jersey so our small businesses and hardworking taxpayers have capital they can use to invest and create jobs.

“What we don’t need is more picking of winners and losers in he marketplace. The film credit tax break bills should be left where they belong: on the cutting room floor.”

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