AFP Commends Senator Kean for Fiscal Restraint

Jun 18, 2014 by AFP

AFP Commends Senator Kean for Fiscal Restraint

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s premier organization on fiscal responsibility, finds Senator Kean to be heading in the right direction and spot on with fixing the budget.

“Leadership has begun to take hold in Trenton and it was a breath of fresh air to hear Sen. Kean talk about affordability, rather than the need to raise taxes or impose 23 fee increases,” said Daryn Iwicki, state director of Americans for Prosperity.  “Americans for Prosperity has long said Trenton needs to live within its means and we have a leader calling for more fiscal restraint.”

“I believe many in Trenton forget where this money comes from. It comes from hardworking individuals in the state.  To see Sen. Kean finding ways to cut $137 million out of the budget rather than have more fees and taxes is a good thing for New Jersey and a great thing for New Jersey taxpayers.”

“We were very pleased to see the senator call for the removal of the e-cigarette tax as well.  I have spoken to many owners of these stores and they all say the same thing.  If this tax were to go through it would put them out of business. It is sad when we attack entrepreneurs with taxes that would put them out of work along with all those they would hire to work in their store.”

“In the coming weeks we look forward to seeing these proposals taking hold.  New Jersey cannot afford to take on the burden of an additional $137 million in new taxes.”

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