AFP-Colorado Encourages Comprehensive State Audit

May 7, 2014 by AFP

Denver – Americans for Prosperity-Colorado State Director Dustin Zvonek today blasted a handful of Senate Democrats who derailed a proposed in-depth state audit of Colorado’s Obamacare exchange, and is calling on Gov. Hickenlooper to immediately request his own comprehensive state audit.

Zvonek’s statement came in response to a pair of recent media accounts indicating possible management problems inside the exchange, and raising doubts about the honesty of Connect for Health Colorado Executive Director Patty Fontneau, whose apparently-false statements to a legislative panel suggesting that the agency had already participated in a federal audit helped encourage state senators to derail plans for an in-depth state-led audit, which had won strong bipartisan support in the House.

“Taxpayers ought to be angry and alarmed by their being denied the facts about the inner workings of the state’s obviously-troubled Obamacare exchange, due to possibly deceptive statements made by the head of that agency and the party-line derailing of an audit by a group of irresponsible Senate Democrats who care more about playing politics than exercising oversight,” said Zvonek. “Shutting-down the audit seems even more reckless in light of several recent media reports, which indicate possible management problems inside the agency and raise questions about the honesty of the individual in charge.”

“While the session’s close means it’s too late now for lawmakers to admit their mistake and reverse ground, we urge Gov. Hickenlooper to demonstrate a greater commitment to oversight and transparency by requesting an in-depth financial and performance review of Connect for Health Colorado by the office of the state auditor,” Zvonek added.

Zvonek also asked whether it is time to think about replacing Fontneau as agency head, in light of the exchange’s lackluster performance and the trust questions created by the evident dishonesty of her statements regarding the federal audit.

“This job is just too important, and the volume of funds flowing through this agency too huge, to have someone running the show whose honesty and management skills are open to question,” said Zvonek. “As long as the Obamacare exchange is operating in Colorado, taxpayer it needs to be run by someone of unquestionable competence and integrity.”