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AFP, Coalition to Congress: Put an End to Tax Extenders

Dec 7, 2018 by AFP

Arlington, Va. –  Americans for Prosperity joined a coalition of organizations spanning the political spectrum that wants Congress to put an end to corporate welfare in the form of temporary tax extenders.

The group, including the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, and the Institution on Taxation and Economic Policy, sent a letter to Congressional leaders today as lawmakers considered another legislative package filled with various tax extenders.


The coalition wrote:

“Though our organizations span the political spectrum, we all agree that it is time to stop making tax policy one year at a time. Continuing to renew special-interest tax giveaways on a temporary and often retroactive basis is bad tax, fiscal, and economic policy… 

“Last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act offered a chance to deal with any lingering tax extenders as part of broader tax reform, but many were left out intentionally because special-interest tax breaks have no place in a post-tax reform world. One of the stated goals of that bill was to eliminate loopholes, carve-outs and deductions that benefit special interests in favor of lowering rates across the board. Congress should not insert these policies back into the tax code now or in the future. 

“It is time to end this counterproductive cycle.”

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