AFP CO Launches Grassroots Response to Proposed $700 Million Tax Hike

Mar 15, 2017 by AFP

DENVER – In opposition to House Bill 1242 – which calls for a $700 million tax increase for Coloradans – Americans for Prosperity-Colorado will begin grassroots calls into several state senate districts today. State Director Michael Fields asserts, “Key state senators have yet not come out in opposition to the massive statewide sales tax increase, and their constituents deserve to know where they stand on House Bill 1242. Fields continues, “One of our primary purposes as an organization is to inform citizens regarding policies that impact their economic freedom and to hold elected officials accountable – we will do that regarding this proposed $700 million tax increase.”

Senate districts that can expect to hear from AFP activists include SD1, Jerry Sonnenberg’s district, SD12, Bob Gardner’s district, SD25, Kevin Priola’s district and SD27, Jack Tate’s district. Additional districts may be added.

House Bill 1242 is being touted as a solution to Colorado’s transportation funding issue. In reality, it is a 21% sales tax increase on top of the state’s $28.5B budget. And current polling reveals that 57% of Coloradans are already against this statewide tax increase, indicating that it would have no chance of passing in November.

Currently three alternative proposals to House Bill 1242 have surfaced: 1) extending the 1999 TRANS bonds 2) The Independence Institute’s proposal that would require the General Assembly to issue $2.5 billion in bonds to fund select statewide highway projects statewide and repaying the debt by “reallocating priorities in the state budget,” and 3) Senator Jerry Sonnenberg’s proposal which includes a smaller bonding plan using existing revenue.