AFP-CO Launches Campaign To Prevent Local Government Overreach

Jul 13, 2017 by AFP

(LAKEWOOD, CO) –This week, Americans for Prosperity-Colorado launched a grassroots initiative and social media ad campaign to push back on local government overreach in the Denver metro city of Lakewood. Lakewood city council is scheduled to vote on a proposed moratorium on high density housing, including apartments and condos, in the area.

State director, Jesse Mallory, says this proposed action is an example of “government intrusion in the free market system.” Mallory continues, “City council is not elected to abuse their power by stopping what the market demands in terms of housing. When the long arm of government reaches in to hinder this process, it artificially forces the cost of rents to go up. This cost of living increase will hurt the citizens of Lakewood. As for developers, they have no incentive to spend their money and overbuild, which would lead to a poor return on their investment. We say, let the demand of the market take its proper course.”

AFP-Colorado is engaging in social media advertising and grassroots efforts in Lakewood so citizens can be informed in regard to the Lakewood City Council’s proposed moratorium.

The moratorium will be discussed and voted on during city council’s meeting on Monday, July 17 at 7:00pm in the Civic Center South. Public comment is welcome at the meeting.