AFP-CO Holds State Legislators Accountable for ObamaCare

Jul 7, 2014 by AFP

Legislators in Colorado’s Statehouse, Not Just Congress, Draw Grassroots Scrutiny

Parker — Colorado’s largest grassroots free market group, Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, today announced a major expansion of its efforts to hold politicians accountable for ObamaCare. That effort starts today, when the group will use cable television spots, a direct mail campaign and neighborhood walks to hold accountable three Jefferson County lawmakers: Sens. Andy Kerr, Cheri Jahn and Jeanne Nicholson for supporting ObamaCare in Colorado.

The cable spots ( and, which will run July 7 through 28, call out “The Obamacare Three” for helping President Obama’s unpopular health law take hold in Colorado, through expansion of the federal Medicaid program and creation of a state health exchange that’s already fraught with problems. The ads encourage their constituents to call their senator and tell them to stop supporting the failed policy.

“The Obamacare fiasco couldn’t have happened, and certainly wouldn’t have been so vast in scope, without an enthusiastic assist from President Obama’s enablers in the Colorado Statehouse,” said Dustin Zvonek, AFP-CO’s State Director. “As long as we’re calling-out the President and his allies in Congress for their role in all this, it’s only right that we also recognize the critical roles played by their accomplices in the states.”

“Obamacare aside, all three legislators continue to cast votes and have backed policies that harm their constituents,” added Zvonek. “Those votes include support for a disastrous tax hike proposal placed on last fall’s ballot, and, in some cases, for failing to exercise meaningful oversight over the state’s already-troubled health exchange.”

“Our accountability effort is aimed at informing citizens that what these politicians say at home, but do in Denver, are often two different things,” said Zvonek, “and that they’re often acting and voting in ways that are far out of line with the common sense values of most Coloradans. We hope these three legislators hear from their constituents and reverse course in their reckless voting behavior.”

For further information or an interview, please contact Dustin Zvonek at or 720.219.1451.