AFP Calls on State Senate to Reject Fiscally Reckless $4B Open Space Measure

Jun 26, 2014 by AFP

AFP Calls on State Senate to Reject Fiscally Reckless $4B Open Space Measure

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity has sent a letter to members of the state Senate urging them to oppose Senate Bill SCR-84, a proposed constitutional amendment that would dedicate $4 billion in corporate business tax revenues towards open space over 30 fiscal years.

“Prior to voting on this legislation, lawmakers should have all the facts,” said Iwicki. “Anyone who thinks putting the state’s fiscal house in order and getting our economy going again is Priority One will reject this irresponsible bill out of hand.”

“As we’ve pointed out time and time again, New Jersey has plenty of land set aside. This is just not a top priority when you have a pension system that is nearing collapse.”

“Environmentalists including Jeff Tittel of the Sierra Club have admitted that the 4% dedication—and this takes it to 6% four years down the road— has run its course. That money should now go toward either the pensions, tax relief, or both, but not to create a 30-year slush fund for open space.”

“We have also voiced concerns in committee that this provides a real incentive to hike the CBT when more money for open space is sought after. Now that the Democrats are pushing to increase the tax supposedly to make pension payments this is already a concern. As the CBT goes up it will mean the price tag on this legislation goes up even higher. It’s just not right.”

“We urge members of the senate to do the right thing and reject this legislation. It’s fiscally reckless and irresponsible. Taxpayers deserve better.”


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