AFP Calls on Rep. Rahall to Respond to Christina Underwood

Jun 21, 2014 by AFP

Two days later, Rep. Rahall remains silent

Arlington, Va. – 48 hours after announcing the launch of a new ad buy to hold Congressman Nick Rahall accountable for supporting policies that hurt West Virginia families, Americans for Prosperity is calling on Rahall to respond to Christina Underwood whose story is featured in the ad.

Christina’s husband, a coal miner, has been laid off three times in the past six years because of burdensome regulations that have cost thousands of coal industry jobs in West Virginia. Congressman Rahall, who voted against job-saving legislation that would have relieved his constituents of these harmful regulations, has not offered a response to Christina’s appeal.

Watch Christina’s Story here:

“I’d like an explanation from Representative Rahall for why he’s been silent while the EPA destroys my husband’s jobs,” Ms. Underwood said. “Our family has suffered over the past five years as our savings accounts, college funds, and dreams went dry to pay the bills in between my husband finding new jobs. If Rep. Rahall stood up to the EPA it would be a sign he is standing with us and the thousands of families like ours.”

AFP President Tim Phillips said: “Christina’s family has been suffering for years because of the shameful, short-sighted decisions Representative Rahall has made in Congress. The least he can do now is offer Christina and her family a response, and explain why he has chosen to stand with President Obama and the EPA instead of his constituents.

“Christina and her husband shouldn’t have to chase Representative Rahall for answers as to why they are suffering under these burdensome regulations. It’s time for Representative Rahall to break his silence and provide Christina and her husband with the explanation they deserve.”