AFP Calls on Gov. Haley to Veto Wasteful Budget Spending

Jun 4, 2014 by AFP

Columbia – The legislature officially sent the FY 2015 budget to Gov. Haley for her approval today.  While many in Columbia clamored for higher taxes and more spending, they neglected to look inside their own budget to make government more efficient or, heaven forbid, let taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money.  Buried deep inside the budget, AFP found some interesting examples of truly wasteful spending:

“Taxpayer-funded Nature Trail” – $150,000

The Palmetto Conservation Foundation nature trail sounds like a phenomenal project.  However, taxpayers should not be asked to grant such a large sum when well-heeled corporate partners already exist.

“South Carolina’s Not-So-Native Son” – $250,000

President Woodrow Wilson was not a native South Carolinian, nor is he buried here.  In fact, he only lived in Columbia for four years!  AFP has no beef with preserving his beautiful home during his brief stay, we just prefer that it is done through private donations.

“Give Yourself a Raise” – $1,800,000

Even though many folks are still struggling to make ends meet, a majority of the state Senate decided to raise their own salaries.  Taxpayers should be the ones to decide whether elected officials should get a pay increase, not elected officials.  Who works for whom?

“We respectfully ask that Gov. Haley veto these wasteful line items,” stated Americans for Prosperity South Carolina state director Dave Schwartz.  “With many of our roads in disrepair and so many families still dealing with a tough economy, now is not the time to waste millions of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars on unnecessary projects.”