AFP Calls on Gov. Christie to Veto Tax Hikes, Make Pension Payment

Jun 27, 2014 by AFP

AFP Calls on Gov. Christie to Veto Tax Hikes, Make Pension Payment

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity state director Daryn Iwicki has issued the following statement regarding passage of a $34.1 billion budget and over $1 billion in tax hikes.

“Today’s passage of a $1.6 billion in new taxes is bad policy and sends the wrong message to businesses and taxpayers in the state of New Jersey.

“Americans for Prosperity believes the obligation to make the full pension payment should be met, but differs vastly with the majority party on how to get there.  What we need to do is exactly what Assemblyman Jay Webber said on the floor and that is to find the necessary 5% spending cuts.


“I would like to thank all those who spoke out about the budget today in both chambers and the comments made showing the negative impact this will have on our state.


“Americans for Prosperity calls on the Governor to veto the tax increases and to line item veto the budget in order to make the pension payment.”

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