AFP Blasts Trenton Leadership Over Arbitration Cap Bill

Mar 25, 2014 by AFP

AFP Blasts Trenton Leadership over Arbitration Cap Bill

Bill drafted at “11th hour…sticks it to taxpayers”

MONMOUTH JUNCTION – Americans for Prosperity is disappointed by yesterday’s bill dealing with the 2% arbitration cap.

“Yesterday, the inner workings of Trenton were on full display,” stated AFP state director Daryn Iwicki. “For months now Americans for Prosperity and many others have been calling on the leadership in Trenton to take action on the expiring arbitration. The cap has helped our local governments keep taxes down for every New Jersey resident. Instead of addressing this issue early in the process, leadership in Trenton waited until the 11th hour to write a bill which sticks it to taxpayers.”

“All that needed to be done was to extend the current 2% cap,” said Iwicki. “The cap is working: it is good for our local governments and great for taxpayers. Instead, committee members in the Assembly and Senate were kept in the dark and then given 30 minutes to read the bill and understand it, with little time for debate and discussion. Worse yet, the public were kept in the dark probably because those drafting the bill behind closed doors knew it would not be friendly to those who pay the bills.”

“After seeing the bill, it appears it was written by union members and rubber-stamped by Senate President Steve Sweeney. Again, the New Jersey taxpayer is disregarded in the process of passing bills in Trenton. And Trenton politicians who claim they want to cut property taxes are instead cutting backroom deals that make it even harder to keep those taxes in check.”

“The lack of leadership to get this done is simply shameful,” declared Iwicki. “This is why hardworking families in New Jersey are leaving. People are getting smart and are voting with their feet and it is directly related to the political games which are played in Trenton.”

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