AFP: Assembly Passage of Open Space CR a Vote for Higher Property Taxes

Aug 4, 2014 by AFP

AFP: Assembly Passage of Open Space CR a Vote for Higher Property Taxes

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading advocate for taxpayers, is slamming today’s Assembly passage of SCR-84, a proposed constitutional amendment dedicating $4 billion toward open space for the next thirty years.

“Today’s rushed vote on open space legislation is the latest of example of Trenton failing to be deliberate and giving taxpayers a chance to weigh in on legislation that will impact them for years to come,” decried AFP state director Daryn Iwicki.

“Dedicating $150 million a year for open space is bad enough given the enormity of our State’s fiscal problems,” continued Iwicki. “But by gobbling up even more land, the State will be driving property taxes even higher for struggling New Jersey families.”

“It’s also amazing how we can somehow find $4 billion in the budget for open space but we can’t find the money to make the required payment into the pension system or for tax relief? Again, this just shows how backwards the Legislature’s priorities are. Our pension system is one of the biggest threats to our prosperity and why New Jersey’s credit rating keeps dropping, yet instead of using these monies to shore it up, we’re going to create a slush fund to buy more land the State doesn’t need over the course of more than a generation.”

“Asm. Rible said it right: ‘This constitutional amendment will only make our state more unaffordable for businesses and taxpayers who are desperate for tax relief.’”

“AFP thanks Asm. Rible and the eight other lawmakers who voted against this fiscally irresponsible legislation.”

Joining Asm. Rible (R-30) in opposition were Asw. McHose (R-24), Asm. Space (R-24), Asm. Ciattarelli (R-16), Asw. Simon (R-16), Asm. Chris J. Brown (R-08), Asw. Rodriguez-Gregg (R-08), Asw. DeCroce (R-26) and Asm. Webber (R-26).


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