AFP: Assembly GOP Right on Budget, Taxes

Jun 23, 2014 by AFP

AFP: Assembly GOP Right on Budget, Taxes

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity, the state’s leading grassroots, free-market group, is praising Assembly GOP lawmakers for standing up against the Democratic proposal to raise taxes to balance the State budget.

“AFP is pleased to see that the Assembly GOP caucus gets it and opposes the Democrat’s tax hike plan and the 23 fee increases in Gov. Christie’s budget,” stated AFP state director Daryn Iwicki. “Leader Bramnick reiterated what AFP has said time and time again: New Jerseyans are taxed enough already and it’s a major reason why our state is uncompetitive and hostile to job creators. Another massive tax hike would devastate New Jersey.”

“Again these policies over the last 12 years of taxing and overregulating have resulted in closed business and caused loved ones to leave our state.  Going down this road will cause more shops to close, more residents to leave, and put New Jersey in a deeper fiscal crisis.”

“Hard-working New Jerseyans should not fall for the Democrat’s same old false promises and class warfare rhetoric. How many times have we been told that if the wealthy pay more our fiscal woes will be solved or that our property taxes will come down? Yet somehow it’s the middle class which ends up paying more and has less in their pockets. Or worse yet, they find themselves unemployed.”

“Let’s face it; there are three undeniable facts of life. Death, taxes, and if you raise taxes liberals will waste the money.”

“All you need to do is watch what they do. Just today in the middle of this budget crisis, the majority party moved a radical foreclosure scheme out of committee that would authorize the State to spend billions of dollars to buy foreclosed homes and bail out lenders. They’re pushing once again to add millions back into the budget for family planning,” noted Iwicki. “Those who are calling for higher taxes just cannot be trusted.”

“Here’s a novel idea: how about for once the Legislature start acting responsibly and get to work cutting spending?”

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