Aug 21, 2014 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity Has Launched a New Ad to Hold Pryor Accountable for his Votes

ARLINGTON, VA — Today Americans for Prosperity (AFP) launches a new multimedia ad buy in its efforts to educate Arkansans on Sen. Mark Pryor’s voting history of supporting the Obama agenda. The ad takes Pryor to task for backing policies that make life less affordable for the people he represents. The ad will run from August 22nd through the first week of September.

Titled “Arkansas is Paying the Price”, the ad showcases just one of thousands of Arkansas families that is facing stricter budgets as a result of Big Government policies that Pryor supports. Prices for gas, insurance and food are all on the rise and it is destroying their livelihood. Nancy, Tim and Sarah have been forced to pay the price for Pryor’s voting choices. Pryor votes with President Obama 90% of the time and this family has been negatively affected by these votes.


Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips released the following statement:

“Today in Little Rock, I had the chance to speak with a few of the many families who are struggling to make ends meet. It’s disappointing to see Mark Pryor voting for ObamaCare, more spending, and more debt, when those policies are wreaking havoc on the lives and pocket books of so many Arkansans. The Obama-Pryor agenda is straining the budgets of hardworking taxpayers, and it’s time to let the Senator know we can’t afford it.”

This ad showcases just one example of a family who is living paycheck to paycheck. Activists are already on the ground making phone calls, knocking on doors and hosting grassroots events. AFP is committed to pursuing a path to prosperity in Arkansas.