AFP-Arizona Local Government Scorecards

Mar 11, 2017 by AFP

March 11, 2017 — As cities, counties and other local governments across Arizona begin to adopt tentative budgets for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity has released its 2016 (FY2017) Local Government Scorecard and its 2007-2016 (FYs 2008-2017) Cumulative Scorecard.  (Updated May 2017.)

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AFP-Arizona encourages high-scoring local officials to hold the line against budget and tax hikes, and to avoid growing government budgets and property tax levies faster than the rate of growth of the private economy.  Arizona’s hard-working people, struggling small businesses, and families deserve better. AFP-Arizona’s Local Government Scorecard for 2016 covers over 100 Arizona cities, counties and special-purpose taxing districts, and over 700 local officials. The Scorecard grades local officials on overall budgets, property tax levies and major sales tax changes, and the cumulative version includes yearly scores for current officials going back to the 2007 calendar year, as well as cumulative averages.

If you are interested in scores for the Arizona State Legislature, view the 2016 Legislative Scorecard and previous years here.


2015 (FY2016) Local Government Scorecard

Cumulative Local Government Scorecard for 2007-2015 (FYs 2008-2016)

2014 (FY 2015) Local Government Scorecard

Cumulative Scorecard for 2007-2014 (FYs 2008-2015)

2013 (FY 2014) Local Government Scorecard

2012 (FY 2013) Local Government Scorecard

2011 (FY 2012) Local Government Scorecard