AFP Applauds Trump’s Executive Action on Obamacare Relief

Jan 23, 2017 by AFP

Arlington, Va – Americans for Prosperity is applauding President Trump for signing an executive order that directs federal agencies to ease the burdens of Obamacare on individuals and businesses, and allow them to offer additional flexibility to states in their implementation of the law. The group is encouraging the administration to also move ahead and cooperate with Congress on repealing Obamacare through reconciliation. 

AFP Chief Government Affairs Officer Brent Gardner had the following to say: 

“We’re pleased that President Trump is continuing to make relief from Obamacare an urgent priority for his administration, and that federal agencies will have latitude to ease the burdens of the law wherever possible. American families, individuals and businesses deserve it after six years with Obamacare’s draconian costs and mandates. States facing serious budgetary pressures, as well as the difficulty of complying with the federal law, also need as much latitude as possible.

“While waiving the individual mandate is an important step, we urge the Administration to continue undoing the damage of this law by repealing it. We encourage President Trump and Congress to work together to repeal Obamacare through the budget reconciliation process, and to begin advancing targeted, free-market solutions that can begin to deliver the affordable, patient-centered health care Americans deserve.”

Americans for Prosperity has included free-market solutions to our health care system as one of its top federal priorities. The group launched its Reform America 2017 agenda last week, a federal agenda that lays out priorities for Congress and the administration. Throughout the year, the group intends to hold lawmakers accountable for their positions on health care, taxes and spending, and regulatory reform. AFP has already issued key votes in both the House and Senate on a budget amendment that set the stage for reconciliation proceedings, indicating they’ll score lawmakers on their votes. 

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“Congress should repeal Obamacare using budget reconciliation” (Christine Harbin, The Hill, 20 Dec 2016).