AFP Applauds Rep. Insko for Bill to Ensure Earmark Transparency

Feb 14, 2017 by AFP

Raleigh, NC – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina today applauded Representative Verla Insko (D-Orange) for introducing House Bill 83 – Ensure Budget Transparency, to bring transparency to the earmark process. Representative Insko’s earmark transparency requires special provisions in the budget to indicate the lawmaker’s name who requested an earmark.

Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina State Director Donald Bryson issued the following statement:

“We applaud Representative Verla Inkso for offering North Carolina taxpayers commonsense budget transparency with HB 83. For too long, legislators have offered earmarks in relative anonymity and avoided the public scrutiny of having to justify their special request. The people of North Carolina deserve to know what kind of budget additions their lawmaker champions. Earmark transparency in the budget puts the powers of accountability back in the hands of the taxpayers. There are a lot of lawmakers that should seriously consider co-sponsoring this legislation.

Bryson continued, “Anonymous earmarking ends when the legislature passes Rep. Insko’s commonsense reform. If legislators feel strongly enough about requesting taxpayer money for a special, localized project, they should be proud to sign their name to it. If legislators are hesitant to publically claim the provision they have introduced, maybe it deserves a second thought.”