AFP Applauds NC Senate Budget Proposal

Jun 15, 2015 by AFP

Proposal controls spending, cuts taxes, expands school choice & sunsets Certificate of Need

RALEIGH – State Director Donald Bryson of Americans for Prosperity North Carolina issued a statement Monday following release of the North Carolina Senate’s 2015 biennium budget proposal.

“Senate budget writers offered a responsible plan today that shores up the state’s reserve funds and directs tax dollars to core functions of government,” Bryson said.  “Pro-growth tax cuts and fiscally sound budget reforms like eliminating Highway Fund transfers to the General Fund will simultaneously provide relief to residents and secure our state’s long-term finances.


This budget demonstrates the state can secure long term prosperity if it holds the line on spending by providing fairness in the tax code and prioritizing funds for essential services.  North Carolinians would see their tax burden reduced again while funding for low-income opportunity scholarships, teacher salaries and K-12 public schools continues to grow.

The senate budget creates a competitive marketplace in healthcare by phasing out antiquated Certificate of Need laws by 2019.  This reform is a major win for healthcare patients in North Carolina seeking lower costs and better access to medical care.

This plan keeps the promises of tax reform with a level playing field and balanced approach to attracting and retaining North Carolina businesses.  It keeps spending growth at 2% while increasing funding for public K-12 schools by $453 million.

These are priorities that Americans for Prosperity supports, and we appreciate the North Carolina Senate’s focus on the primary concerns of their constituents.  We look forward to educating our activists about the important differences between this plan and the one offered by North Carolina House appropriations leaders.”

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