AFP Applauds DEP Move to Repeal Cap-and-Trade Regulations

Jul 10, 2014 by AFP

AFP Applauds DEP Move to Repeal Cap-and-Trade Regulations

TRENTON – Americans for Prosperity is heaping praise on Gov. Christie’s Department of Environmental Protection for proposing new rules on Monday to repeal the state’s onerous and destructive cap-and-trade regulations.

“New Jersey can ill afford the destructive impacts of a job-destroying cap-and-trade electricity tax and we’re pleased to see the DEP take this action to repeal these regulations whole cloth,” said AFP state director Daryn Iwicki.

“Experts across the political spectrum have acknowledged that cap-and-trade raises rates, kills jobs and will hurt our economy. Those in the middle-class and lower-income folks are the ones hurt the most by higher electricity rates. They shouldn’t have to pay the price for the zealotry of a loud, but fringe environmentalist lobby in the state.”

“It’s clear by now that the enviros will dirty the air with all kinds of lies, misinformation and bogus research on cap-and trade. The ends justify the means,” charged Iwicki. “Meanwhile, every day we are treated to news about how the entire premise of imposing cap-and-trade—to address global warming—is in question. “

“The alarmists told us sea ice would be receding, yet Antarctic sea ice has reached historically high levels. The alarmists told us rising carbon dioxide would result in increased warming, yet with CO2 levels at record highs the U.S. has actually cooled .04 degrees Celsius over the past decade and global temperatures have not risen since 1996, almost 18 years ago.”

“Alarmists told us we’d see stronger and more frequent storms, yet no major hurricanes of Cat 3 or higher have hit the U.S. in nearly ten years. Alarmists claim Sandy was driven by warming, yet there’s not a scintilla of evidence that this is the case—not one.”

“The last thing New Jersey should be doing is implementing foolish energy policies that will inflict serious harm on New Jersey families and our economy when mounting evidence shows there’s been no warming,” continued Iwicki. “Backing out of the clandestine RGGI cap-and-trade scheme was in the best interests of New Jersey and so is this action by the DEP to get rid of our cap-and-trade rules for good. Over the 60 day public comment period AFP will make sure the DEP hears this message from our activists loud and clear.”

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