AFP – Alaska Responds to New Begich TV Ad

Mar 10, 2014 by AFP

Sen. Begich still refuses to address voters’ concerns; gives a different answer every time

Anchorage — Today Americans for Prosperity – Alaska, a chapter of the nation’s foremost advocate for economic freedom, responded to a new ad from Senator Mark Begich attacking AFP.

Senator Begich’s ad comes two weeks after AFP – Alaska’s own launch of a statewide ad to hold Senator Begich accountable for his multiple votes and letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in support of a carbon tax. AFP – Alaska’s ad points out that, despite Senator Begich now saying he is against a carbon tax, his record indicates otherwise. A carbon tax would cost families $2,000 annually and destroy thousands of Alaskan jobs, without actually helping the environment.

AFP – Alaska spokesperson Heidi Gay said the following: “It’s disappointing that Senator Begich’s first message to Alaskans is a Washington-style, negative attack ad that does nothing to address any of the real concerns voters have about his record.

“Nowhere in the ad does Senator Begich give a coherent answer on why he pushed for a price on greenhouse gas emissions, or voted twice to make it easier to implement a carbon tax. With Alaskans paying some of the highest energy prices in the nation, it would be nice for Senator Begich to be honest with us and stop trying to distract from his record.

“Senator Begich already misled Alaskans about ObamaCare; now he keeps changing his answer about supporting a carbon tax. Although he has tried recently to distance himself from past support, even Politifact concluded he would be a ‘maybe’ on a carbon tax vote. He has given a different answer every time he has been asked about it.

“We will continue to hold Senator Begich accountable for pushing Obama’s big government agenda in Alaska.”

For more background information on AFP – Alaska’s original ad and Senator Begich’s support for a carbon tax, click here.