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AFP Alaska Legislative Priorities

Since 2014, AFP-Alaska has fought for every Alaskan, advocating policies that empower individuals.

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Health Care

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

Unlike traditional doctor arrangements where patients are billed on a fee-for-service basis, DPC doctors provide patients unlimited access to high-quality medical services, including chronic disease treatment, clinical and laboratory services, and comprehensive care management in exchange for a flat monthly membership fee.

Expanding access to these services in Alaska will increase the quality of and lower the cost of health care in our state.

Tell Lawmakers to Support DPC!


By expanding telemedicine access, more Alaskans will be able to access health care services from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Telemedicine ensures that families, especially folks that reside in underserved rural communities, can access health care quickly from their homes when medical providers are not readily available.

Expand Telemedicine!

Spending Cap Amendment

Reining in spending and keeping taxes low will help our economy grow. By amending the Alaska Constitution to include a spending cap, the people put a limit on what the government can spend. Our lawmakers would spend more efficiently and effectively, allowing Alaskans to keep more of their money and grow the economy.

Support a Spending Cap!

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