Tell the budget conferees to pass a pro-growth budget that benefits hardworking North Carolinians

Urge Raleigh’s Budget Conferees to Continue Economic Growth in Its Budget!

North Carolina’s $580 million revenue surplus is proof pro-growth reforms continue to be a boon for the Tar Heel State’s economy. But Governor Cooper and some fellow lawmakers want to slam the brakes on our economic growth by using the revenue windfall as an excuse to expand the size of government.

The good news is that both chambers of the state legislature have passed budgets that reject these tax-and-spend policies proposed by Governor Cooper. These budgets include lower spending levels, lower taxes, and less money for corporate handouts compared to the governor’s budget.

All we need now is for the House and Senate conferees to agree on final language and send a pro-growth budget to Governor Cooper’s desk! Americans for Prosperity has put together a list of five things North Carolinians should demand from conferees for this year’s budget to ensure North Carolina continues to prosper.

Americans for Prosperity believes any sensible, pro-growth budget must include the following priorities:

  • Controlled spending below the combined growth of inflation and population;
  • Bold tax cuts that include rate reductions and standard deduction increases;
  • Defunding of corporate welfare programs such as the North Carolina Film and Entertainment Grant and the Job Development Investment Grant;
  • Continued growth of the Opportunity Scholarship Program and creation of Personal Education Savings Accounts (PESAs) for students with disabilities; and
  • Complete repeal of North Carolina’s 39-year-old Certificate of Need laws to improve rural access to affordable, quality healthcare.

Compare that to the anti-growth policies included in Governor Cooper’s proposed budget:

  • Increased government spending by $1.13 billion;
  • Zero tax cuts;
  • Increased funding for corporate welfare programs;
  • Defunds the Opportunity Scholarship Program; and
  • Keeps Certificate of Need regulations and expands Medicaid.

Now is the time to ensure North Carolina’s prosperity and include pro-growth reforms in our state budget. Now is not the time to return to the tax-and-spend policies of yesterday.

That’s why we need you to tell Raleigh conferees that you support our budget priorities.

Urge Raleigh conferees to include AFP’s “budget musts” in the North Carolina budget!