Tell your officials: Texans deserve property tax reform! Support Senate Bill 1!

Texans Deserve Property Tax Reform!

Support Senate Bill 1! 

The freedom to purchase and own property is a cornerstone of American identity and has formed the bedrock of our Texas culture for nearly two centuries. Yet, believe it or not, Texas has some of the most burdensome property taxes in the nation.

When Gov. Greg Abbott announced a special session beginning July 18 one of his top priorities will be meaningful property tax reform – specifically, reform that would lower the rollback rate and eliminate the petition gathering process.

Currently, if property taxes go up by 8 percent or more, voters in a city or county can gather signatures to call for an election on the new rate. Senate Bill 1 would lower that threshold to 6 percent and would require an automatic election returning the ultimate local control back to taxpayers.

These common sense changes will let local governments fund their essential needs but also allow taxpayers to decide how much additional government they want and are willing to pay for.

Please contact your state Senator and Representative today to encourage them to support SB1 and provide all Texans with the property tax reform they deserve!