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Tell Lawmakers to Support the Employee Rights Act

Today, over 90 percent of all unionized workers never had a chance to vote on their union representation.

This sad fact reminds us that unions don’t necessarily represent their worker’s interests. Thankfully, the Employee Rights Act, introduced by Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN), would put rules in place to protect workers’ rights and make sure unions are there to serve members.

Here are 5 ways the Employee Rights Act would protect workers’ rights:

  1. Recertification will now be required: This is the biggest change the Employee Rights Act makes to current law. This provision will make sure that unions periodically stand for reelection instead of just being voted on once and staying forever. By requiring recertification, the Employee Rights Act ensures unions will be held accountable by their members.
  2. Both unionization and recertification will require a majority vote from all workers: If employees want to start or recertify a union, they will need to obtain a majority vote from everyone in their bargaining unit, not just the members present.
  3. It provides for a secret ballot: Workers will have the right to a secret ballot. Just like every American can keep their vote to themselves, union members would be able to choose whether they want a union to represent them without fear of intimidation.
  4. It protects privacy of personal information: Union members will be allowed to opt-out of giving their personal information to unions during organizing campaigns. In the past, unions have used personal information to intimidate workers. This protection in the Employee Rights Act will free workers from acts of intimidation.
  5. It makes contributions for political advocacy voluntary: Today, unions can use dues from members for political activity. The Employee Rights Act would require that unions receive opt-in permission from members before spending their dues on political advocacy.

Unions can best serve their members when participation is voluntary, not coercive. These common-sense reforms would make sure that workers’ rights remain intact, free from intimidation and force. But it will only pass if you make your voice heard.

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