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Tell your lawmakers: Protect the Sharing Economy!

The “Sharing Economy” has taken off with the help of the Internet. During hard economic times, people can share products with others for a short term with platforms like Uber, Lyft, Bike-sharing companies and AirBnB.

Because of this innovation, thousands of Virginians are able to use their property to generate additional income.

Senator Jill Vogel’s SB 416 will allow people to use their primary residence for short-term rentals and help taxpayers collect the taxes that are due. It will protect Virginians’ right to use their property and participate in the Sharing Economy.

Tell your lawmaker to support SB 416 in order to prevent local governments from standing in the way of someone’s economic opportunity.

In a free market, property owners should have the freedom to use their private property for economic endeavors. Virginians’ freedom to earn a living must be protected!