The People Have Spoken - No Internet Sales Tax

Ask Gov. Bryant to Block Efforts to Implement Internet Sales Tax

Mississippi citizens are safe from the dangers of an unconstitutional internet sales tax—at least for the time being.

House Bill 480 was killed in the Senate, but the Department of Revenue may try to implement the tax through an administrative rule change anyway.

We elect the Legislature to make policy and the Legislature has rejected the internet sales tax. An agency shouldn’t go behind the back of the people’s representatives. Bureaucrats in the Department of Revenue shouldn’t be allowed to override what voters want behind the backs of their elected representatives.

An internet sales tax would increase the amount collected from Mississippi taxpayers and increase the size of government. It would also subject Mississippi to costly constitutional litigation. Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi is asking Gov. Bryant to intercede on behalf of taxpayers and block any efforts by the Department of Revenue to change tax rules and implement the internet sales tax.

Please, fill out the form to the right to send an email to Gov. Bryant urging him to protect Mississippians from the internet sales tax.