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Tell Congress to Un-Rig Our Tax Code!

It’s now more important than ever to fight for pro-growth tax reform. That’s why we’ve set out a positive vision for tax reform, highlighting five key principles we think are crucial for to get a fairer, flatter, and simpler tax code.

  1. SIMPLICITY: Lower rates, fewer brackets, and the elimination of special loopholes, deductions and exemptions will make tax compliance easier and more affordable.
  2. EFFICIENCY: A broad-based, low-rate tax system is the most efficient way for the government to collect revenue – causing as little disruption to the economy as possible.
  3. EQUITABILITY: Corporate welfare and special-interest handouts in the current tax code create an unfair, two-tiered tax system and should be eliminated.
  4. PREDICTABILITY: Tax certainty is essential to a pro-growth tax system.
  5. NO BURDEN ON TAXPAYERS: Comprehensive tax reform must be done without placing new burdens on the American people, whether in the form of a BAT, VAT, carbon tax, or otherwise.

Will you help us unrig our tax code and build on that works for all of us?