Support legislation to repeal the RFS!

Oppose the “Renewable Fuel Standard”

The Renewable Fuel Standard distorts energy markets and hurts Americans by making them pay more at the grocery store and ruining their fuel efficiency. It mandates that refiners blend increasing amounts of biofuel into gasoline, a misguided green energy mandate.

The RFS diverts corn supplies away from food and feedstock and into our gas tanks. The result is higher food prices for everyday Americans. This burdens low income families the most, as they spend a greater percentage of their earnings on food. Purdue University concluded that repealing the RFS would lower food prices by nearly 13%.

By repealing the RFS, we would not only help people have more affordable food, but we would also scale back the government’s distorting role in the nation’s energy markets.

Tell your federal lawmakers to support repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard. They should support the American consumer, not the ethanol lobby!