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Oppose the Tax Frenzy

It’s crunch time at the Oklahoma State Capitol.  85 percent of Oklahomans agree that our state has a spending problem. Yet, lawmakers are once again trying to take the easy way out and stick taxpayers with the tab for years of bad budgeting. All in all, $2 billion in new taxes are being proposed. This approach is not just misguided, it’s unfair.

Among the taxes the legislature is proposing:

  • Adding a six-cent tax hike to our gas and diesel fuel
  • Implementing a $1.50 tax on every pack of cigarettes purchased in the state
  • Increasing taxes on vending machines and self-serve concessions
  • Creating a new tax on services – babysitting, Netflix, funerals, the list goes on and on

View the itemized list of tax increases HERE.

These increases will tax the way of life for almost everyone – the cost of everything will go up as transportation costs increase with the gas tax hike.

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While the state is busy handing out money to special-interests our budget deficit has grown to a whopping $870 million. We are calling on legislators to cut wasteful programs and ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely before they consider the tax frenzy that will take more money out of Oklahomans’ wallets.
Many of the tax hikes will be especially tough on hard-working Oklahoma families. If you are sick of seeing your bring-home income go down as your taxes go up it is time to act! Contact your legislator in the embedded form and tell them to oppose the tax frenzy.