Tell Governor Scott to sign the budget!

Legislators cut corporate welfare, now it’s Governor Scott’s turn

The Florida legislature voted for a balanced budget that focuses on the essential priorities for Sunshine State families and businesses.

Thanks to the leadership of Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran and the Senate President Joe Negron passed a balanced budget that cut taxes, put $1 billion dollars into reserves, and sent special interests a clear message that we will no longer bow down to the corporate welfare handouts of the past.

This budget contains $0 dollars for the economic incentives that Enterprise Florida used to line the pockets of special interests. By cutting this waste, they were able to focus on the real priorities Floridians deserve – but Governor Scott is threatening to veto this balanced budget and send Florida Lawmakers into a controversial and unnecessary special session.

By focusing on the core principles of government, the legislature was able to provide additional funding to improve education options for our children and fund core government services that benefit all taxpayers, and Governor Scott should sign it.

Email your Governor Scott today and ask him to sign this balanced budget into law!