Tell Legislators to Oppose Tax Hikes!

Higher Taxes Won’t Solve West Virginia’s Problems

On the campaign trail just last year, Gov. Jim Justice repeatedly said that West Virginians “are hurting enough. We don’t need to increase taxes.”

That promise helped get him elected, but now he’s turning back on his word. Gov. Justice’s budget plan would raise multiple taxes on Mountaineers, costing us nearly half a billion dollars more each year and increasing our state government’s already bloated spending by more than $300 million.

West Virginia is the only state where less than half of the population is employed. People are leaving at a higher rate than nearly every other state—of those who left West Virginia in 2016, more than two-thirds left for job opportunities.

Lawmakers should prioritize efforts to make our tax system simpler and fairer, and reduce regulations that hold people back. They should also use resources already available—rather than take more of our paychecks—to fund budget needs. Doing so will encourage people and businesses to come to our state; raising taxes will keep them out.

Please, fill out the form to the right to send an email to your legislators calling on them to oppose Gov. Justice’s tax hikes. Higher taxes are the last thing West Virginians need.