Make VA Prosper!

Get Virginia Back on the Path to Prosperity

Virginia has a proud legacy of freedom, but we have fallen off track. Our rising tax burden, bloated budgets, excessive red tape, and one-size-fits all education model is leaving our Commonwealth behind. The Path to Prosperity is a vision to get our state back on track.

There are five basic components to the “Path to Prosperity” plan:

1. Tax Reform

The non-partisan Tax Foundation ranked our individual income tax climate ranked an abysmal 39th, worse than several surrounding states. This translates into real money lost for Virginia families.

2. Responsible Spending

The state is overspending our money by inflating budgets for various departments and giving away your dollars to favored industries. We need commonsense budget reform to cut the wasteful spending and end corporate welfare.

3. Occupational Licensing Reform

Occupational licenses are a barrier to opportunity for many low-income occupations and for people with less access to financial capital or formal education. Every Virginian deserves the opportunity to pursue their passion and turn it into an economic opportunity.

4. Empowering Parents with School Choice

We need school choice because the best school is not the best fit for every student. Parents should decide where their children go to school, not politicians, not the parent’s zip code, and not their income. More educational opportunity for more children should be a top concern for all Virginians.

5. Energy Freedom

Energy freedom is not about factories and power lines, but about heating your home and powering the hospital where your loved one is recuperating. That’s why we can’t allow the EPA’s ideologically-driven regulations to threaten the stability of our grid and raise our energy prices by as much as 30%.