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Block the Consumer Tax!

2017 could be a promising year for a decades-long priority: fundamental tax reform that can get the economy working for every American, and make the tax code more competitive. It’s a huge opportunity, but there’s one proposal on the table in Washington that just won’t work.

Some members of Congress want consumers to shoulder over a trillion dollars in new taxes. It’s called the border adjustment tax (BAT), but it’s really a massive tax on imported goods that would hike the prices of many everyday items we buy: think clothing, food, gas, school supplies and more. In short, it’s a trillion-dollar consumer tax!

Watch this video to see why we’re asking Congress to abandon this idea and instead pursue comprehensive tax reform that lowers taxes for everyone.

Ready to block this massive tax? Tell your Lawmaker to scrap the BAT Consumer Tax. It’s time for them to keep their promise and pursue tax reform that will create economic growth for all Americans!