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Block the Border Adjustment Tax!

2017 is off to a promising start: Congress is rolling back burdensome regulations put into place by the Obama administration, begun the work on repealing Obamacare, and even working on a major tax reform plan!

But there’s a big problem: Some members of Congress want consumers to shoulder over a trillion dollars in new taxes.

They call it the border adjustment tax, or BAT, but it is really nothing more than a trillion-dollar tax on the American consumer.

Watch this video to see why we’re asking Congress to abandon the border adjustment tax and instead pursue comprehensive tax reform that lowers taxes for everyone.

The BAT would raise the cost of living for every American – this is a big deal, and we’re going to fight it tooth and nail on behalf of ordinary Americans!

Ready to block this massive tax? Tell your Lawmaker to scrap the border tax idea. It’s time for them to keep their promise and pursue tax reform that will create economic growth for all Americans!