A New Year’s Resolution for Senator Sweeney

Jan 3, 2014 by AFP

A New Year’s Resolution for Senator Sweeney

Path to Jobs, Prosperity Require Senate President Charting a New Course

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ – Americans for Prosperity has a proposed New Year’s resolution for Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-03): If you want to create jobs in New Jersey, give up your failing, big-government agenda and embrace free-market ideas that work.   

“AFP welcomes Senator Sweeney’s concern about reviving New Jersey’s sluggish economy and creating an environment where jobs can flourish. We therefore suggest the following New Year’s resolution for him: start cutting taxes and spending, and get Trenton off the people’s backs,” stated Daryn Iwicki, AFP-New Jersey state director.

“The fact of the matter is we can cite all the cold hard statistics about how bad things are in New Jersey, but that doesn’t help people’s lives. While politicians in Trenton bicker and claim they cannot cut even a little from a $33 billion budget, hard-working New Jerseyans struggle to make ends meet, put food on the table for their families and achieve the American Dream here.”

“Frankly, I’m tired of going around the state and talking to people who are fed up,” lamented Iwicki. “People who were born and raised in New Jersey, one after the other, telling me they plan to leave because they can no longer afford it—that their property taxes are out of control and unbearable. The tax burden in New Jersey isn’t just about dollars and cents, but our quality of life. Taxes here have become unfair and unjust and that’s why we see so many of our friends and neighbors heading for the exits.”

“I met a gentleman at the young age of 91, WWII veteran. He has owned his home since he returned from war, fully paid off, and yet lives pay check to pay check not because the state taxes his pension as income tax, but because he pays $11,000 in property taxes.”

“Senator Sweeney and his party have been setting the agenda in Trenton for a dozen years now and the results he’s complaining about are of his party’s own doing,” continued Iwicki. “Prosperity will not be achieved in New Jersey with another government program, another corporate welfare handout, or another giveaway to Big Labor. Prosperity will be achieved when the Trenton stops giving handouts and starts giving a hand up to hard-working New Jerseyans, allowing them to pursue their dreams here.”

“Senator Sweeney has an opportunity with the new legislative session to chart a new course for New Jersey and show he can work with the governor and the minority party to achieve some real results. But if the senator digs his heels in and continues to push the same tired, liberal ideas, then he will have no right to grumble when those policies continue to fail.”

“If the senator really wants to turn New Jersey around, he’ll embrace our resolution with gusto.”

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