A Clash of Cultures: A Tale of Two Conferences

Sep 3, 2014 by AFP

There have been numerous articles written about our recent Defending the American Dream conference.  More than 3,000 attended including nearly all of our Montana staff and field team.  Most focus on content and the excellent talks given by Gov. Rick Perry, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Arthur Brooks, Sen. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz and others.  Good stuff, no dbout.  Here is one article that vividly describes the differences between our annual convention and Netroots Nation, a convention of left-wing bloggers. It’s a classic description of the difference in culture of the Left and Right.  Here’s an exerpt:

At AFP’s summit, I was accepted as an individual, not as a cog in a greater collective. Whether I was attending a workshop, a general session speech, grabbing lunch, riding a shuttle bus or milling about the hotel lobby, everyone was welcoming and chatty…

Netroots attendees were much more dour. Some of this is due to Obama’s obvious failures, both foreign and domestic…

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