AFP-FL Praises Committee Passage of Worker Rights Bill to Strengthened Transparency

Dec 5, 2017 by AFP

Public union recertification ensures that workers voice is heard and protected

Tallahassee, FL – Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) applauds the members of the Government Accountability Committee that voted “YES” on House Bill 25 (HB25), introduced by Representative Scott Plakon. HB25 would expand freedoms for Florida workers and amplify their voice with their union representation, ensuring that unions better serve their membership. Unions that represent police and fire departments are exempt from this legislation. 

AFP-FL’s state director, Chris Hudson released the following statement:   

“We commend the members of the Florida House for supporting the rights of workers and Floridians to be properly represented by public unions that claim to retain an appropriate level of support. If a public union wants to continue representing workers, they should have routinely prove their value to the workers they want to represent.

“AFP-FL believes strongly in the freedom of workers to make their own decisions about how they are represented. We hope the Florida House moves quickly to pass this on the floor, and that the Senate takes up this measure as well.”

AFP-FL sent the members of the Government Accountability Committee a key vote letter on HB25, urging support for measure. AFP-FL will score votes on HB25 for its annual Economic Freedom Scorecard.