It’s Time to End the Renewable Fuel Standard

Nov 7, 2017 by AFP

Americans for Prosperity and its army of more than 3.2 million grassroots activists are leading the charge to repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The RFS, a federal green energy mandate that requires refiners to blend ethanol into gasoline, has hurt our nation’s economy and burdened families for too long.

Currently, the RFS distorts energy markets using corn supplies for fuel. Instead of helping Americans, the mandate does the opposite, by saddling American consumers with higher gas prices.

The RFS includes four different sets of mandates:

– Total renewable fuels;

– Advanced biofuels;

– Cellulosic fuels; and

– Biodiesel fuels.

These mandates hurt consumers, farmers, workers and families.

They increase costs for small business owners and consumers, kill jobs and harm the economy – without improving the environment.

Thankfully, legislation recently introduced by Sen. Bill Cassidy and Rep. Bob Goodlatte would repeal the expensive mandate in its entirety, bringing relief to millions of Americans.

A RFS repeal would reduce gas prices and lower costs on businesses, allowing consumers to get the best products for the best prices.

It’s time to eliminate the entire RFS program!

Take action: Tell your lawmaker to repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard today!