AFP Kentucky Legislative Agenda 2017

Dec 6, 2016 by AFP

AFP Kentucky Legislative Agenda 2017

Every Kentuckian should have the opportunity to prosper. Too often, Frankfort gets in the way and forgets that its real job is to allow the Commonwealth and its citizens the freedom to flourish. Lower taxes and fewer regulations are the recipe for economic growth and prosperity.

We believe that choice and competition, rather than political favoritism and mandates, drive job growth. Our 2017 legislative agenda highlights solutions for lawmakers that want to grow Kentucky.


Passing right-to-work legislation, which allows employees to determine if a union is right for them, will lead to real job growth by attracting new businesses to the Commonwealth. More freedom in the workplace means that unions are more accountable to their members and businesses are free to hire. Workers should have the right to unionize, but they should not be forced to join or pay dues to one they don’t support.

Prevailing Wage Repeal

We need to repeal the prevailing wage, which forces state government to pay inflated wages for construction projects. Instead of forcing contractors to compete for our tax dollars, the prevailing wage drives up construction costs which forces the state to spend more and tax dollars to be wasted.

School Choice

Frankfort believes in a one-size-fits-all approach to education, but Kentucky families know better. They know their kids are individuals with different strengths and different learning styles, which is why they need choices when it comes to school. We want to expand school choice for families, whether it is public, charter, private or home.

Tax Reform

Taxes are a way for everyone to contribute to services that benefit us all. For too long, lawmakers and bureaucrats have favored special interests and corporate cronies, keeping them from paying their fair share. We want to see an elimination of some of the 236 tax loopholes and the enactment of a comprehensive, pro-growth tax plan that levels the playing field in Kentucky.

Right to Try

With the average length of clinical trials having grown 70% between the late 1990s and the mid 2000s, policies that permit individuals suffering from terminal or incurable illnesses to make use of experimental drugs or treatments that have not yet passed the government’s approval process are more necessary than ever. Over 30 states, including neighboring Indiana, have their own right to try laws.

Occupational Licensing and Regulatory Reform

It’s hard enough to be a small business without all the red tape that government creates. Kentucky has the 15th most burdensome licensing laws in the country. Government needs to make licensing less cumbersome and more affordable so Kentuckians have the option of job mobility.

Reigning in Government

Bureaucrats create regulation without understanding the costs passed to workers, employers, producers and consumers. REINs legislation allows the legislature to review these decisions, providing a needed check to government and an expanded voice to citizens.

Reforming Medical Malpractice

Meritless lawsuits from trial lawyers are driving up healthcare costs and pushing family doctors out of the market. We believe that for Kentuckians to have access to doctors and affordable care, we must reform medical malpractice in the state.